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    established January 1st, 2009
    Welcome to Stormbrook Massachusetts where the night is always more interesting than the day. Of course the humans don't seem to notice anything, but immortals walk among them. These immortals lead secret lives less secret and that is the number of people who are acting strange. Strange in a way that the vampires can't explain, but they wonder who is behind it all?

    Will these new creatures bring on the fall of Stormbrook? No one knows, but are sure to find out!


    We are currently accepting originals, canons and wanteds. Please keep in mind the male to female ratios, as well as the species stats that are listed on the next slide of the banner. We could always use more Infected, Hybrids and Fang Bangers.

    If this is your first time joining the site please register an Out of Character Account, when registering a new character please register with your character's name in proper caps, example: Eden Wyatt.

    Site is best viewed in google chrome. Images may be slightly off in other browsers.

    May 26th, 2016 Things are going to start picking up around here as Jessi get's her bum in gear and get's shit done.

    We are currently updating the canons and some of the guides around the site. If you have a question concerning any of them please don't hesitate to ask us. All new canon codes have pictures and any left in the old format are currently being redone, thanks for bearing with us!

    January 1st, 2016 We jumped ahead three years for TB's big birthday! If you haven't already please bump up your characters or keep them the same and change some dates around if they were generally new characters.

    June 10, 2015 - July 1st, 2015 - Activity Check! It's that time again let us know what's going on with your characters and threads. We recently extended this an extra week because we forget to send out a mass PM.

    February - March 2015 - We are updating a lot of things around the site, a new skin has just been put up, canons are getting a face lift as well as various species updates. We will let you know indepth what has been updated in the Updates Forum. If you have any questions or notice any glitches just let us know! Thanks for your cooperation!

    >January 1st, 2015 - We celebrated our sixth birthday! Thank you to all of our members, past, present and future for molding our site into a place we all love writing on. It's now 2016 on the Board, since we are a year ahead RP Time Wise.

  • Blood Bonds
    5 M, 5 F, 0 NB #C70000
    Fang Bangers
    4 M, 8 F, 0 NB #D23329
    10 M, 19 F, 0 NB #FF6633
    3 M, 3 F, 0 NB #FFA370
    11 M, 9 F, 0 NB #ffcc66
    8 M, 7 F, 0 NB #ffffd6
    W. Elders
    1 M, 0 F, 0 NB #99FF66
    W. Alphas
    2 M, 2 F, 0 NB #B5FF82
    24 M, 26 F, 0 NB #C7FF94
    C. Vampires
    4 M, 5 F, 0 NB #0099CC
    5 M, 4 F, 0 NB #5DBECC
    6 M, 8 F, 0 NB #A2DACC
    Fallen Angels
    5 M, 4 F, 0 NB #D685A3
    Soulless A.
    8 M, 6 F, 0 NB #E0A3AD
    94 Males
    102 Females
    0 Non-Binary
    REAL LIFE TIMELINE: MAR 1ST - JUNE 1ST For more information on how we move time along check the Seasons Guide


    A Blizzard is on it's way to Stormbrook, leaving some snowed in, others stranded and some with a few extra worries since the sun is bound to come up and the full moon is close behind it. Check it out in the event thread.

    The Indira Pack has been divided by those that follow the old Alpha and her beliefs now known as the Indira Faction and the new Indira Pack that is led by the new Alpha Female Kaitlyn Compton. Tensions are high in the werewolf community because of this split among the pack.

    Rumor has it that the Elders and the Spanish ambassadors are getting antsy with the Alpha Male Domino Finnegan taking a mate now that is girlfriend has been turned. What does this mean for the pack? Will they follow the Indira example and divide? Nobody is sure what is really going on behind the scenes and rumors are spiraling.

  • The Admin Team
    if you have any questions or concerns please PM the main account of any admin.
  • Spotlights
    quotes, threads, and character spotlights
    Well don't forget my invitation when you do open. I would like to see what you have done. And if your baby throws a fit because you invited me, I heard that spanking is a good way to help in child-rearing.
    Malachi to Sabine
    Off your game are you? Or did you get turned around? Either way, I found you and you've pissed me off. You know its not nice to stab people you've just met.
    Peter to Nico
    A Good Day For A Walk - Isis and Ephraim reunite.

    Drown Out The Memories - Melanie and Josh begin to understand each other, and maybe even trust.

  • The Credits
    for the content and codes used on the site
    Board Content Credit to TB Staff: Jessi, Milla, Misa, Petra and the boyos.
    Additional Board Content Credited to TB Staff and Members

    The Prisoner of History Skin & Graphics by Jessi
    Lots of Scripts including the toggle c-box by Kismet
    Stats Table by Steleus
    Word Counter by Beta
    Pop it Menu by Dynamic Driver
    Carousel Slider by Ring Wang
    Custom Forum Structure - Stats Table by Black and Customized by Rider

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The Guide Book
Everything you need to learn about the world of Tainted Blood can be found in here from the plot and the rules, to the site guide to the species guides and subplots.
Subforums: Species

14 16 Mar 15 2015, 10:07 AM
In: The Rules
By: Milla Owns Your Soul
News and Announcements
All of Tainted Blood's News and Announcements are here. Keep a look out for announcements here, you may be surprised about new things that are being added.
Subforums: Old Stuff

41 204 Apr 2 2016, 11:18 PM
In: Activity Check 006 [Mandato...
By: Livvy
Customer Service Center
In here you'll find a place to ask questions, get some moderation done, tell us of any bugs or issues with the board and a few other things! Guest Friendly!
Subforums: Questions Area, Bugs & Issues, Moderation, Tainted Blood C-Box

24 79 Mar 18 2015, 03:25 AM
In: Custom BB Codes
By: The Mocking Jessi

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TB's Canons & Wanteds
In here you will find all sorts of requested characters! From Tainted Bloods board wide wanteds or canons to member wanted ads! If you'd like to reserve one of these characters please check out this thread. Members you can bump your wanted ads once every two weeks!
Subforums: Canons, Wanteds

22 72 Feb 8 2016, 12:33 PM
In: Petra's Wanteds
By: Isis Bashar
Application Center
Please Post your application here to be accepted. Please do not start threading until your application has been accepted. Thank you!
Subforums: Apps. Awaiting Acceptance

1 9 Mar 2 2015, 05:35 PM
In: The Application Templates ...
By: The Mocking Jessi
In here you will post your claims to whatever is located in here. You may only post in here after your application has been accepted!
10 183 May 1 2015, 06:18 PM
In: Residence Claim
By: The Mocking Jessi
Accepted Apps.
After your profile has been accepted an admin will move your app. to the right forum and you are free to start RPing!
Subforums: Humans, Werewolves, Vampires, Angels, Hybrids

206 400 Feb 11 2016, 01:07 AM
In: Cynthia Vaughn
By: Misa-Bee!

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Requesting Arena
Need to get your character out there to mingle with the others? Post something here! You can talk out threads, plots, just any information about your characters!

Subforums: Board Wide Plotting

19 316 Jul 13 2016, 04:03 PM
In: Jessi's Little Assholes
By: The Mocking Jessi
Thread Trackers
Need to keep track of your characters threads? Post them here. Dohtml enabled. One thread per member please.
11 260 Jan 2 2016, 04:36 PM
In: Misa's Threads!!!
By: Tyson McNally
Here's where you keep all of your In-Character communications. They can be texts and phone calls, emails, instant messages, right on down to letters, postcards and notes.
Subforums: Texting & Phone Call Threads

18 58 Aug 5 2015, 08:08 AM
In: When Boredom Ensues
By: Maverick Collins
This is where all the other In-Character Development is located apart from Plotters, Thread Trackers and Communication.
Subforums: IC Games, The Story Area, In Character News & Gossip

18 421 May 20 2015, 10:27 AM
In: Stalking Me, Stalking You
By: William Santini

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Subforums: The Docks, St. Michael's Academy, Kay's Dance Studio, Restaurants, St. Micheal's Cathedral

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In: ----

Subforums: The Barn Swallow, The Rock Shop, The Boardwalk & Pier, The Den, Teasers

7 19 Sep 25 2016, 05:52 PM
In: Counting Stars
By: Quinn Abraham
All housing in the West Side is situated here. If you would like places added contact an Admin.
Subforums: Hestia's Paradise, The House of Leviathan, The Savage Hideout, Beach Houses & Residences, Skyview Subdivision

1 1 Feb 14 2016, 05:40 PM
In: Come out, Come out, whereve...
By: Quinn Abraham

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info

Subforums: The Bean Barn, Restaurants, Bennett Mechanic Shop, The Outlet Mall, Stormbrook Community College, The Stormbrook Rifle Range

2 14 May 9 2015, 03:30 PM
In: Baby, You Should Stick Around
By: Nicholas Van Denton

Subforums: No Inhibitions, The Kingston Casino, Galloway Lounge

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In: ----
All housing in the South Side is situated here. If you would like places added contact an Admin.
Subforums: La Vida Loca Motel, College Dorms, The House of Grigori, Stormbrook Hills

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In: ----

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Subforums: Little Bear Reserve, Spring Meadows Spa, Suffolk Glen Mall, Stormbrook Community Centre

4 4 May 27 2015, 01:02 AM
In: Temporary Homes
By: Cassiopeia Blake
Just like there is plenty to do in Stormbrook, there is plenty to do outside of Stormbrook as well!
Subforums: Stormbrook Race Tracks, Dalton Winery and Brewery, Bowling Alley

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In: ----
There are plenty of places to live inside of Stormbrook, but some people need some wide open spaces and choose to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city. So, they have come out here.
Subforums: The Suburbs, Little Bear Cabins & Campsite, The House of Merihem, The House of Amon, Blackburns' Hideout

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In: ----

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District of Strigoi
The District of Strigoi is the heart of any Vampire's lair. The center of the Vampire's hold on the Underworld is here, anyone found stumbling in is at their mercy.
Subforums: The Crypt, The Blood Bank, Sauveterre Investments, Madame Lala's, Council Complex, The House of Astaroth

2 4 Oct 30 2013, 07:37 PM
In: Best Laid Plans
By: Sabine Bellerose
District of Enkeli
The District of Enkeli is where the Angels roam. Many do not wander in or out as the angels are the ones with the deadly secrets and ulterior motives.
Subforums: Devil's Gate, Sanctuary, Damned, Kill Shot

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In: ----
District of Vyras
The District of Vyras is the epicenter of the werewolves stake on the Underworld. The streets can be a dangerous place, especially when territory is concerned. Beware the full moon because that's when things get deadly.
Subforums: Safe House, Foalan Compound, Tavisan Schools, Fangs

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In: ----
The Center Square
In the center of the city that is for immortals only, is the square where vampires, werewolves and angels can co-mingle and sometimes they might actually get along. Fang bangers and blood bonded walk the square streets as well, but they are the only humans that know about this secret town just outside of Stormbrook. Sometimes a stray human enters the town and if they end up in the square they might be able to get out without a scratch other parts of town you can never be sure.
Subforums: The Circus, Haven Hotel, Nitemare

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In: ----

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
The Rest of the World
Any place is open, no place is out of reach when your immortal... or you know rich and mortal.Please at the top of your thread say where the thread is taking place. Thanks.
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In: ----
Roleplaying the Past
This is where anyone can roleplay the past. This can help set up relationships with other people and to give a better insight on your character.
5 30 Nov 22 2015, 05:55 PM
In: To the Rescue
By: Emma Richardson

Forum Topics Replies Last Post Info
Affiliations and Advertisements
Your Advertisements and Affiliation Stop for Tainted Blood. You'll find our affiliation thread inside this forum if you wish to affiliate with Tainted blood as well as all our advertisements. We accept any kind of software for advertisements as long as we are able to link back and advertise as well.
Subforums: Link First, Affiliates, Linked Back & Accepted Advertisements

853 6 Oct 5 2016, 07:01 AM
In: Btvs: Rewrite
By: Reina
General Chat
Chat about anything and everything here, a place to post when you have nothing to post to or don't have the muse or time. Games included.
Subforums: Introductions, Absences

24 456 Jul 7 2016, 05:41 PM
In: Gender Swap
By: Tennessee Montgomery

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