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    established January 1st, 2009
    Welcome to Stormbrook Massachusetts where the night is always more interesting than the day. Of course the humans don't seem to notice anything, but immortals walk among them. These immortals lead secret lives less secret and that is the number of people who are acting strange. Strange in a way that the vampires can't explain, but they wonder who is behind it all?

    Will these new creatures bring on the fall of Stormbrook? No one knows, but are sure to find out!


    We are currently accepting originals, canons and wanteds. Please keep in mind the male to female ratios, as well as the species stats that are listed on the next slide of the banner. We could always use more Infected, Hybrids and Fang Bangers.

    If this is your first time joining the site please register an Out of Character Account, when registering a new character please register with your character's name in proper caps, example: Eden Wyatt.

    Site is best viewed in google chrome. Images may be slightly off in other browsers.

    May 26th, 2016 Things are going to start picking up around here as Jessi get's her bum in gear and get's shit done.

    We are currently updating the canons and some of the guides around the site. If you have a question concerning any of them please don't hesitate to ask us. All new canon codes have pictures and any left in the old format are currently being redone, thanks for bearing with us!

    January 1st, 2016 We jumped ahead three years for TB's big birthday! If you haven't already please bump up your characters or keep them the same and change some dates around if they were generally new characters.

    June 10, 2015 - July 1st, 2015 - Activity Check! It's that time again let us know what's going on with your characters and threads. We recently extended this an extra week because we forget to send out a mass PM.

    February - March 2015 - We are updating a lot of things around the site, a new skin has just been put up, canons are getting a face lift as well as various species updates. We will let you know indepth what has been updated in the Updates Forum. If you have any questions or notice any glitches just let us know! Thanks for your cooperation!

    >January 1st, 2015 - We celebrated our sixth birthday! Thank you to all of our members, past, present and future for molding our site into a place we all love writing on. It's now 2016 on the Board, since we are a year ahead RP Time Wise.

  • Blood Bonds
    5 M, 5 F, 0 NB #C70000
    Fang Bangers
    4 M, 8 F, 0 NB #D23329
    10 M, 19 F, 0 NB #FF6633
    3 M, 3 F, 0 NB #FFA370
    11 M, 9 F, 0 NB #ffcc66
    8 M, 7 F, 0 NB #ffffd6
    W. Elders
    1 M, 0 F, 0 NB #99FF66
    W. Alphas
    2 M, 2 F, 0 NB #B5FF82
    24 M, 26 F, 0 NB #C7FF94
    C. Vampires
    4 M, 5 F, 0 NB #0099CC
    5 M, 4 F, 0 NB #5DBECC
    6 M, 8 F, 0 NB #A2DACC
    Fallen Angels
    5 M, 4 F, 0 NB #D685A3
    Soulless A.
    8 M, 6 F, 0 NB #E0A3AD
    94 Males
    102 Females
    0 Non-Binary
    REAL LIFE TIMELINE: MAR 1ST - JUNE 1ST For more information on how we move time along check the Seasons Guide


    A Blizzard is on it's way to Stormbrook, leaving some snowed in, others stranded and some with a few extra worries since the sun is bound to come up and the full moon is close behind it. Check it out in the event thread.

    The Indira Pack has been divided by those that follow the old Alpha and her beliefs now known as the Indira Faction and the new Indira Pack that is led by the new Alpha Female Kaitlyn Compton. Tensions are high in the werewolf community because of this split among the pack.

    Rumor has it that the Elders and the Spanish ambassadors are getting antsy with the Alpha Male Domino Finnegan taking a mate now that is girlfriend has been turned. What does this mean for the pack? Will they follow the Indira example and divide? Nobody is sure what is really going on behind the scenes and rumors are spiraling.

  • The Admin Team
    if you have any questions or concerns please PM the main account of any admin.
  • Spotlights
    quotes, threads, and character spotlights
    Well don't forget my invitation when you do open. I would like to see what you have done. And if your baby throws a fit because you invited me, I heard that spanking is a good way to help in child-rearing.
    Malachi to Sabine
    Off your game are you? Or did you get turned around? Either way, I found you and you've pissed me off. You know its not nice to stab people you've just met.
    Peter to Nico
    A Good Day For A Walk - Isis and Ephraim reunite.

    Drown Out The Memories - Melanie and Josh begin to understand each other, and maybe even trust.

  • The Credits
    for the content and codes used on the site
    Board Content Credit to TB Staff: Jessi, Milla, Misa, Petra and the boyos.
    Additional Board Content Credited to TB Staff and Members

    The Prisoner of History Skin & Graphics by Jessi
    Lots of Scripts including the toggle c-box by Kismet
    Stats Table by Steleus
    Word Counter by Beta
    Pop it Menu by Dynamic Driver
    Carousel Slider by Ring Wang
    Custom Forum Structure - Stats Table by Black and Customized by Rider

» Board Offline
Hey everyone we just wanted to let everyone know that it's been a long ride, but we have chosen to turn Tainted Blood off for right now and focus on a new board. We all felt a need for something fresh and new with the possibility of adapting some characters and plots that we or members may of had to a new setting. We should have the new site up in a few weeks and we will link it here and send out an Email. In the mean time I'm going to make everyone's OOC account (if it's not already) offline able so you can get copies of all of your apps and anything you may want to keep. Feel free to still post with others if you are interested there just won't be much moderation or new members.

Peace and Love! Happy RPing,

The Tainted Blood Staff (Jessi, Misa, Milla, Petra and the Boyos - Gabe & Zane)
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